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Brand: Arsenal Inc. Model: ARSENAL-BA-1
Specifications Action- Revolver Caliber- .22 Short Firearm Type- AOW Manufacturer- Arsenal Model- BA-1 Twist Rate- 0:00 Weapon System- AOW..
Ex Tax:$3,799.00
Brand: Arsenal Inc. Model: ARSENAL-BS-1
Specifications Action- Other Caliber- .22 Short Case Material-Steel, Brass Color-SILVER Finish-CHROME Firearm Type-AOW Manufacturer-Arsenal Model-BS-1 Twist Rate- 0:00 Weapon System-BRIEFCASE 22s REVOLVER..
Ex Tax:$3,899.00
Brand: NFA Trust Model: NFAtrust
                                                                        NFA Firearms Trust Information Key Advantages: No CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Signature required No Fingerprinting required No Photographs required Ability to purchase “restricted” items such as Short Barrel Rifl..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Arsenal Inc. Model: ARSENAL-RS-1
Specifications Action- Other Caliber- .22 Short Color- DUO TONE Finish- DUO TONE Firearm Type- AOW Manufacturer- Arsenal Model- RS-1 Twist Rate- 0:00 Weapon System- AOW..
Ex Tax:$2,999.00
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